This was truly a great read from start to finish. I enjoyed the behind-the-scenes look of what it took to survive in the television production world. Garfield used those experiences, no matter how dire they may have gotten as stepping stones to a much better position. Sitting along side his mentor. With his Mentor’s help, he was able to rise above and gain his own sense of Power.

Maria Montgomery

I enjoyed this book. This is a well told story about a relationship that many comedians would love to have. More than the obvious (Bill Cosby) is the wisdom that was shared by “Mr. Cosby”. Packed full of great gems you will find yourself wanting more at the end of the book. But all good things must come to an end. This is one of my favorite books of 2013

Antwon Lincoln

I think the book is awesome it gives a great insight on the ins & outs of the industry. From start to finish I couldn’t put the book down. Job Well Done!

Kindle Customer

This book could be cataloged under self-help, TV production, mentorship, comedy or even office politics and it’s rich enough to succeed in all of those classifications. What I didn’t expect was it to be a page turner that seduces you into a world of pits, valleys and dreams.

Daniel M Wells

This book was a very enlightening, highly entertaining page turner. Art Garfield had me cheering for his successful outcomes throughout the book. I think the book is very inspirational in the way it shows how he didn’t allow certain obstacles to interfere with his dreams and how he was able to turn what appeared to be a negative situation into a positive outcome.

Marilyn Upchurch

This book isn’t just a good read for those wanting to break into the entertainment business. It’s for anyone who wants to move up the ladder in any business, giving you insight into the politics and obstacles that challenge profess. It also gives a seldom seen glimpse into the life of an American icon. A riveting read. I couldn’t put it down.

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